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How to Prepare a Writ Petition for Superior Court

Regardless of whether you go with the noticed motion procedure or the alternative writ procedure, when initiating a writ proceeding in superior court you start with a writ petition. Here’s how you draft one.

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When the Judge Won’t Budge

164569828You’ve tried to disqualify the judge in your case, but the judge won’t budge. What do you do? In California, you file a writ petition.

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Should I Go for (Wr)it by Noticed Motion or Alternative Writ Procedure?

When you want to challenge an action or decision by a nonjudicial body, such as a governing board, an administrative agency, or a public official, you need to file a writ in superior court. You have two procedural options for getting this process going: noticed motion and alternative writ. Ultimately, these two procedures are simply two different routes to the same goal—obtaining a hearing on the merits of the writ petition—but each procedure has its particular advantages and disadvantages.