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How to Protect Rights of Transgender Employees

ThinkstockPhotos-496092954Most employers know that discrimination against transgender and other gender-nonconforming persons is prohibited in California. But many employers have been confused about what legal rights transgender employees have and how to protect them. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing has offered help with its newly-released Transgender Rights in the Workplace: FAQ for Employers.

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When Paramour Preference Is Problematic

187471299With love in the air on this Valentine’s Day, here’s a friendly reminder to keep it under check in the workplace. Preferring a lover over others at work may be a natural inclination, but it can lead to a sexual harassment claim.

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Employers: Keep Clear of Social Media Landmines, Part 1

socialmedia_158535558Whether employers like it or not, social networking and social media have found their way into most workplaces. Their appearance has meant many potential landmines for employers to navigate. Luckily, there are several relatively easy steps that every employer can take to decrease potential liability.

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Are Workplace English-Only Rules Legal?

In our multi-cultural environment, it’s not uncommon to be in a restaurant or hospital, for example, and hear the employees speaking to one other in a language other than English. For those of us who sadly understand only English, this certainly frustrates our eavesdropping. But can an employer require such employees to speak only English while at work?