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Protecting Company Secrets: Checklist for Making a Plan

186300420If you represent businesses, you know how important it is to protect their trade secrets. A crucial part of that effort is developing and implementing a trade secret protection plan. Specific company needs may vary, and plans have to be crafted with those needs in mind, but some elements should be included in any trade secret protection plan.

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Educate Before You Litigate

lawsuit_87717735When representing a business itching to file a lawsuit, always remember that the client is engaged in a commercial business—not in the business of litigating. Start by educating your business clients on the possible consequences of litigation.

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Have You Done a Trade Secret Audit?

secret_105634725The best way to analyze a company’s trade secrets (and how well protected they are) is through a formal audit. Here’s an overview of how to do a trade secret audit.

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Before Getting Advice, Get Signed Agreements from Your Advisory Board Members

Many companies are plunging into entirely new areas and can really use some advice. That’s where an advisory board comes in. Accessing advisors’ expertise can be invaluable, but it comes with some risk to the company’s trade secrets. Here’s how you can reduce those risks.

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Economic Espionage

Economic espionage sounds somewhat exciting and maybe even a bit sexy. Kind of a James Bond of the business world. But the consequences are hardly glamorous for anyone involved.

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Clashing Concepts: Trade Secrets and Social Media Networking

A company’s trade secrets have always been an integral and valuable part of its business assets. Social media networking is fast becoming an integral and valuable part of business practice. By their very nature, these two concepts clash and create unprecedented risks of trade secret exposure and challenges for trade secret law.