Attorney Swap

164916141There are many reasons why a client decides that one attorney is out and another is in. It can be personal, professional, or even irrational. Whatever the reason, if your client wants to make a swap, make sure you meet all of the requirements for an effective substitution of counsel in California. Continue reading

It’s Not Over Until the Withdrawal Is Filed

20130709-220621.jpgYeah! You won your case, negotiated a great settlement, or drafted a complete estate plan for your client! Think you’re all done? Not yet, there are still a couple of things you should do.

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Suing Your Client to Get Paid

Law firms are getting more aggressive about suing clients for unpaid legal bills. As the New York Law Journal says, what used to be “unseemly” may become routine. But bringing a breach of contract action against a client for unpaid fees is a very tricky business: first, you have to get out of the attorney-client relationship, and then you have to invoke your (hopefully) enforceable fee agreement.

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How Do I Get Out of This Case?

Many attorneys find themselves in the midst of a case and wonder how they got there and how to get out of the morass in which they find themselves. When looking for a way out, turn to the California Rules of Professional Conduct, which has provisions for both permissive and mandatory withdrawal from a case.  Continue reading

Dumping a Dog: Getting Rid of a Case After the Initial Evaluation

Some cases sound good at first but less so after you’ve gotten a closer look. How do you extricate yourself from a case you don’t want to take; in other words, how do you dump a dog? Continue reading