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What to Know Before Selling Food Made at Home

The cottage food industry—small batch food production from home—is growing, as are the related laws and regulations. Here’s what those who want to get in on the trend need to know.

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Using Buy-Sell Agreements to Protect Family-Owned Businesses

Family-owned or controlled businesses make up roughly 90 percent of all American businesses. Unfortunately, only a third of family-owned businesses survive the transition from the first generation of owners to the second. A buy-sell agreement can ensure a successful transition by controlling how an interest in the business can be sold.

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Injecting Reality into Your Client’s Franchise Dreams

Franchising has had long-term success in the U.S. economy, both for franchisors and franchisees. Franchise businesses aren’t just fast food, either. According to a USA Today article, home health care is one of the top franchises in the US. Although most franchise systems—and most franchisees—are reasonably successful, buying a franchise isn’t always the right decision. As an attorney, your job is to insert some practical reality into your client’s franchise dreams.