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3 Ways to Deal with Client Conflicts

attorney's hand up in stop gesture because there's a conflict of interest between clientsA prospective client comes to you and you discover that there’s a conflict of interest with one of your current or former clients. Or while you’re representing a client, a conflict arises with another client. You’ve got three ways to deal with these types of situations, depending on when the conflict comes to light. 

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Don’t Let Clients Push You Too Far

Yes, you have a duty to represent your client zealously. But don’t let your zeal for your client’s case trump your duty to prosecute only meritorious cases. It won’t fly to say, “My client made me do it.” Your duty to the judicial process transcends any client’s agenda. Check out a recent smackdown from a California appellate court.

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Advertising Yourself Ethically

adv_121348869Are you advertising your law practice online? That can be a great way to reach new clients, but it can also be a way to run afoul of state and federal ethics rules.