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7 Contract Damages Provisions to Bargain Over

break(great for any design)When you’re negotiating and drafting a contract, your client may be excited and focused on the positives, but you have to keep your eye on the dark side, i.e., the consequences of a breach. Consider bargaining over favorable damages provisions—just in case.

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Get Attached! Using a Writ of Attachment in Construction Cases

A construction project is like a marriage. As with any marriage, there are inevitably some bumps along the way. If the bumps are too big, one or both sides call their lawyers and file for divorce. Construction law practitioners who find their client in the midst of a construction divorce need to move fast to secure their client’s claim. That’s where a writ of attachment may come into the picture.

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Preying on the Predatory Lenders

Predatory lending is a term used to describe a range of abusive and aggressive lending practices that often target the elderly and people with limited income or in deep debt. But even institutional lenders with respectable reputations in the banking industry can be guilty of lending abuses with their victims being sophisticated borrowers. Although the most recent manifestation of predatory lending is the subprime lending crisis that began in late 2006, it’s been around for decades.