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Let’s Buy a Beach House Together! Or Maybe Not.

ThinkstockPhotos-501740366When friends decide to buy vacation property together, they may not consider the legal status of their relationship—at least until litigation starts. Importantly, they may not be aware that they might have formed a general partnership and thus have fiduciary duties to each other.

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What Form Should Your Law Practice Take?


When starting your own law practice in California, one of your first decisions is what business form to use—should your practice be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation? Don’t underestimate the importance of this choice!

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Working to Retain Women Lawyers

The issue of how to retain women lawyers has been mulled over and studied many times over the last couple of decades. In 2004, the ABA noted that “the number of women making partner at large law firms has lagged behind their male counterparts.”  Women continue to bail out before partnership much more often than men, and, in a survey of 84 Georgia law firms (.pdf), many of them cite “the desire for a different schedule or professional dissatisfaction as their reason.”