How Can Someone Be Deposed Twice in the Same Case?

ThinkstockPhotos-501707257Generally, you can’t compel someone to attend a deposition if he or she has been previously deposed in the same case. But there are 5 exceptions to this rule. Continue reading

5 Tips for Preparing Your Witness for Video Deposition

175649389Preparing your witness for a video deposition has a few more wrinkles—or more accurately, the ironing out of a few more wrinkles—than a deposition recorded only by stenography. Continue reading

Questioning at Trial Versus at Depositions

174304712Although very similar, there are differences between questioning a witness at trial versus at deposition. Do you know the differences and why they matter? Continue reading

Admonishing a Deponent: 10 Points You Need to Make

10steps_121366302Before you start taking a deposition, you need to “admonish” the deponent. It’s just a way of laying down the ground rules and making sure the deponent is fully informed. Here are 10 admonishments you should make before kicking off the questions. Continue reading

To Depose or Not to Depose: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking an Oral Deposition

Unlike some forms of discovery that are sent out as a matter of course, deciding whether or not to take an oral deposition requires some thought and consideration of the pros and cons. Continue reading

I Object! Know What Objections to Make at a Deposition

Handling objections in a deposition can be tricky. Some objections are subject to “use it or lose it.” Others aren’t waived even if you fail to raise them in the heat of the moment. Here’s a run down on objections during depos under California law. Continue reading