Yes, California Employers, It Really Is Time to Update Your NDAs

The following is a guest blog post by Tyler M. Paetkau, Hartnett, Smith & Paetkau, Redwood City, CA. Tyler represents employers in all aspects of employment and labor law, including counseling and litigation regarding trade secrets and unfair competition.

Now is a particularly good time for California employers to update and revise their agreements with employees respecting trade secrets and other confidential and proprietary information (NDAs), based on several recent, noteworthy legal developments. Review your NDAs and make these three changes. Continue reading

Employee Poaching

477986347Poaching employees from a rival company has risks. So does agreeing with your rivals not to poach employees from each other. Potential poachers beware… Continue reading

Loose Lips On Social Media Sunk Settlement

slam_90250057In a recent Florida case, the plaintiff lost $80,000 of settlement proceeds he had received on his employment discrimination claim after his daughter spilled the beans on Facebook. Breaching the confidentiality clause in a settlement agreement—and getting caught at it—is frighteningly easy in the age of social media. Continue reading

Protecting Your Great Idea

You’ve got a great idea for a new product or screenplay and you want to send it right off to a company or movie studio, but how do you make sure that you will benefit if they love the idea as much as you do? Here are some proactive protective measures you can take to make sure you profit from your great ideas. Continue reading

The Dangers of the Unsolicited Submission

You receive an unsolicited submission of a new product or a screenplay and would love to use it but you’re worried about exposing your company to liability. Here are some proactive protective measures you can take to protect your company in the dangerous world of unsolicited submissions. Continue reading