Need More Time to Oppose a Summary Judgment Motion?

Once you receive a summary judgment motion filed against your client, you have about two months to file and serve your opposition papers. That sounds like plenty of time, but it may not be sufficient to marshal the evidence you need to oppose the motion. That’s when you need a continuance. Continue reading

Should You Always Move for Summary Judgment and Summary Adjudication in the Alternative?

Motions for summary judgment and summary adjudication are frequently made in the alternative. Do you know why this is and when not to move alternatively? Continue reading

Stay Mum About What Happens to a Summary Adjudication Motion

You made a successful summary adjudication motion and you are itching to tell the jury about it at trial. Unfortunately, you are legally required to keep your lips sealed on the issue. But there may be a way to give the jury a heads up without running afoul of the law.

Continue reading