How to Get Your Client Paid for Work on Construction Projects

You’ve got a client who didn’t get paid for work done on a construction project. You could file a breach of contract action, but there may be other ways to get your client paid, especially if the contracting party who didn’t pay your client is insolvent. Continue reading

Get Attached! Using a Writ of Attachment in Construction Cases

A construction project is like a marriage. As with any marriage, there are inevitably some bumps along the way. If the bumps are too big, one or both sides call their lawyers and file for divorce. Construction law practitioners who find their client in the midst of a construction divorce need to move fast to secure their client’s claim. That’s where a writ of attachment may come into the picture. Continue reading

New Mechanics’ Liens Notice and Service Requirements

A mechanics’ lien is an “effective remedy” to resolve unpaid bills owed to those involved in the construction or improvement of real property. But mechanics’ lien claimants beware, effective January 1, 2011, those seeking payment through the mechanic’s lien procedure will have to comply with new requirements and use new forms. Continue reading