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Using Social Media to Research Prospective Jurors

Given the decreasing time attorneys have for conducting voir dire, it can be very useful to investigate jurors with publicly available background information. Simply running Google searches can reveal an enormous amount of information about a potential juror in a short amount of time. This public information often will come from social media sources. As Ben Hancock reported in his article for, “social media profiles can present a trove of data points for jury selection…[but] researching jurors online while keeping on the right side of the judge and local ethics rules is hardly a straightforward exercise.”

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Jury Research: Can You Afford Not To Do It?

You think you have a great case. Your client is convinced. Your staff, your friends, and sometimes even your spouse nod their heads when you talk about the case. What more information could a trial attorney want before gambling hundreds of thousands of dollars or many millions on how a jury will decide the case? The answer: a lot more information.