Did You Know You Can Collect Fees for Time Spent Collecting Fees?

Collecting attorney fee awards and enforcing judgments can be very time-consuming. Don’t forget to collect attorney fees for time spent chasing down your fees in collection efforts. Continue reading

Do You Have Time to Take a Judgment Enforcement Case?

Judgment enforcement actions have two major timing issues: they need to be handled immediately and may take a long time to complete. Before you decide to represent a judgment creditor in an enforcement case, consider whether you really have the time.

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Is a Lien Leaning on Your Case?

Once a judgment creditor sniffs out that its debtor has filed a lawsuit, it’s not too difficult for the creditor to obtain a lien on the debtor’s cause of action and on any judgment the debtor may get. This complication goes beyond the obvious financial implications  — if such a lien is granted, the judgment debtor loses some control over its own case.  Continue reading