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11 Steps to Introducing Exhibits at Trial

steps_78288477If it’s your first trial or it’s been a while since you’ve tried a case, here’s a handy list of the steps to take when introducing your evidence at trial.

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How to Authenticate a Social Media Post

493533923Despite its relationship to new technologies, electronic evidence, including social media evidence, is actually treated the same as traditional forms of evidence in terms of admissibility. You can’t get it in without proper authentication. Here’s how it’s done with social media posts.


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Getting Deposition Testimony in Front of the Jury

jury_139711969You’ve taken depositions and got some great testimony for your case. Unfortunately, the jury wasn’t in the deposition room to hear it. So now that you are at trial, it’s your chance to make effective use of the deposition testimony in front of the jury. But how do you do that?

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How Do You Get Text Messages into Evidence: Authenticate, Authenticate, Authenticate

What can happen if you don’t authenticate text messages and then use them as crucial evidence in your case? A total disaster!