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Are Insurance Agreements Discoverable?

The existence of insurance is often key to a lawsuit and one of the first orders of business in discovery. There are statutory provisions allowing for discovery of the existence and contents of insurance agreements—as well as limits on it.

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Should Your Client Consider E-Commerce or Cyber Liability Insurance?

Given the increasingly digital landscape ThinkstockPhotos-473158926
of today’s economy, the most valuable asset for many businesses is their computer data. According to a 2015 study, the average cost of a data breach for small businesses is about $38,000 in hard costs and can total upwards of $55,000. Yet many businesses opt only for traditional property insurance policies. This could be a big problem for your client’s small business.

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7 Contract Damages Provisions to Bargain Over

break(great for any design)When you’re negotiating and drafting a contract, your client may be excited and focused on the positives, but you have to keep your eye on the dark side, i.e., the consequences of a breach. Consider bargaining over favorable damages provisions—just in case.

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Insuring Against Terror

We are all affected by the fear associated with terrorism. But did you know that we also all share in the insurance for losses resulting from terrorist acts? That’s precisely what the federal government has done through a shared public and private compensation system for insured losses resulting from acts of terrorism.

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The Mutual Obligations of Insurance

In the world of property insurance, each side has certain obligations to the other. It is the fullfilling of these mutual obligations that allows the system to work. Here’s a handy list of each side’s obligations to the other, worth keeping in mind regardless of which side you side you’re on.

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New Property Insurance Book

I am very excited about my first YouTube video — an interview with Tim Sullivan, the contributing editor of CEB’s new book California Property Insurance: Law and Litigation.

This book is a great guide for attorneys who

  • Handle real property and advise clients on how to insure that property;
  • Manage, or assist others who manage, estate property; and
  • Sue or defend insurers.

Just as insurance is a big part of all our lives, this book is important for attorneys practicing in a variety of areas. Think flood, earthquake, toxic drywall from China. Property insurance issues are pervasive and always growing and changing as our world and technology does.

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