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Checklist: Make Sure Employment Practices Comply with IRCA

Employers often find that ensuring compliance with the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) can be tricky. This handy checklist will help employers who are establishing their practices and will serve as a confirmation tool for those employers who believe they have a compliant practice.

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Immigration Issues Dos and Don’ts for Job Interviews

interview_164665580There are many subjects that require care when conducting a job interview. Immigration is definitely one of them. Given the increased awareness and sensitivity to immigration status issues, employers need to watch their questions.

Compliance/Best Practices Employment Law Legal Topics

Lucky 13: Best Practices for Immigration Issues in Hiring

Compliance with immigration laws is getting increasing media and enforcement attention, putting more pressure on employers. And don’t forget the Supreme Court’s recent decision upholding “Arizona’s ‘business death penalty’ for employers who repeatedly hire undocumented workers.” As a result, employers need to be proactive and make affirmative strategic decisions on immigration issues in hiring.