Law Is Clarified on Using Prior Salary of Job Applicants

In 2017, California enacted a law precluding employers from asking about prior salary history and requiring employers to give applicants, on reasonable request, the pay scale for a position. This law raised many questions for employers, including who’s “an applicant,” what’s a “pay scale,” and what constitutes a “reasonable request?” Now we have the clarifications. Continue reading

Can Employers Still Reject Applicants with a Criminal History?

woman interviewing job applicantWhen and how employers may consider criminal convictions continues to be a hot topic, both in California and nationally. Against this backdrop, AB 1008 amended the Fair Employment and Housing Act to preclude most employers from inquiring about an applicant’s criminal record or conviction history until after a conditional employment offer is made, and imposed new notice and disclosure requirements if this information is sought. Continue reading

Spouses in the Workplace: Allow or Prohibit?

ThinkstockPhotos-496514968Employers often face the issue of whether to allow spouses or other family members to work together. Regardless the side the employer falls on, there is potential liability lurking. Continue reading

Play Fair: Guidelines for New Employees Hired from a Competitor

505283113It’s common for customers or clients to want to stick with the person who has been handling their account even when that person moves to a different company. But this situation can create serious issues around trade secrets and unfair competition. So, whenever you hire someone from a competitor, give that new employee guidelines to follow—it will save everyone legal headaches. Continue reading

Interviewer’s Loose Lips Can Lead to Employer Liability

interview_80608276Employers need to be very careful what their interviewers say to job applicants. Off the cuff statements like “we have the most competitive salaries” or “the best benefits” and “we assure growth” may be fodder in a suit for misrepresentation. Continue reading

Immigration Issues Dos and Don’ts for Job Interviews

interview_164665580There are many subjects that require care when conducting a job interview. Immigration is definitely one of them. Given the increased awareness and sensitivity to immigration status issues, employers need to watch their questions. Continue reading

Lucky 13: Best Practices for Immigration Issues in Hiring

Compliance with immigration laws is getting increasing media and enforcement attention, putting more pressure on employers. And don’t forget the Supreme Court’s recent decision upholding “Arizona’s ‘business death penalty’ for employers who repeatedly hire undocumented workers.” As a result, employers need to be proactive and make affirmative strategic decisions on immigration issues in hiring.  Continue reading

Traps for the Unwary Employer

Don’t let yourself or your clients fall into the common employment traps for the unwary! Do you know that do’s and don’t’s of hiring? What about common mistakes made in employee evaluations?

I had a great conversation with employment law expert and author Lori Ocheltree, a partner at Duane Morris in San Francisco, who shares her insights into some of the more risky areas of employment law.  

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More Hiring Means More Employment Contracts: 4 Reasons to Use Them

As the economy improves and hiring starts to increase, it’s time for employers to think about employment contracts again. Continue reading