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New Year, New Laws for Family Law Attorneys

The California legislature has enacted several new laws that may affect your family law practice. Here are some of the key statutory changes you need to know about.

Family Law Legal Topics

Family Law Attorneys: Be Ready for Immigration Issues

thinkstockphotos-469487500President Trump’s recent actions on immigration have occupied much of the news. But immigration issues have long occupied the thoughts of California’s family law attorneys. When clients are immigrants or have immigrant spouses who aren’t U.S. citizens, they may face some unexpected hurdles as they navigate the court system.

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New Estate Planning/Family Law Crossover Book

I am very excited about my newest YouTube video — an interview with Jon Heywood, a CEB’s Publications Attorney and one of the editors of  CEB’s new book Crossover Issues in Estate Planning and Family Law.

This crossover book is so important because issues involving the family often extend into the estate planning area.  For example, some family law issues with potential consequences for estate planning include

  • Requirements for a valid premarital agreement,
  • Identifying separate versus community property, and
  • The effect of bifurcating a family law case to only terminate marital status.

Similarly, someone seeking divorce may have an existing will or trust that must be revised, or have survivor benefits that must be accounted for in both estate planning and divorce.  These are just some of the crossover issues addressed in CEB’s new book.

And, the book is available now at a prepublication discount price!

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