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Supreme Court Paves the Way for Organic Food Fraud Suits

ThinkstockPhotos-493451151The California Supreme Court just handed down a decision that’s been hailed by the Recorder as “boon for plaintiffs bar.” In Quesada v Herb Thyme Farms (PDF), the supreme court unanimously held that claims for fraud by intentionally labeling conventionally grown food as organic aren’t preempted by the federal Organic Foods Act—so it’s a green light for plaintiffs to sue under California’s consumer protection laws and reap the remedies found there. Continue reading

What’s a Few Square Feet?

A New York real estate developer is learning the hard way that a few square feet matters. The buyer, perhaps not coincidently a lawyer, says the condo he wanted to buy was missing 109 of the advertised square feet and is taking his dispute to trial next month, as reported by the ABA Journal. Such false advertising is clearly prohibited in California and can lead not only to lawsuits, but can also result in steep civil fines and even jail time. Continue reading

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