What to Include in an Expert Retention Agreement

It’s always best to put your fee agreement with an expert into writing. Here are the most important provisions to include in an expert retention letter agreement. Continue reading

4 Things Expert Witnesses Should Read Before Trial

In addition to the file materials used in preparing for deposition—and that should be reviewed again for trial—there are at least four types of written materials that every expert witness should carefully read and analyze before testifying at trial. Continue reading

5 Rules to Minimize Expert Contamination

181587139Attorneys risk expert contamination when they provide information to an expert about a case. Although you need to discuss the case candidly and openly with your expert, you don’t want to contaminate the expert with information on the case’s weaknesses and problems. Five simple rules will help you minimize the risk of unnecessarily imparting harmful information to your expert. Continue reading

Get Technical in Your Next Personal Injury Case

458217723Feeling out of your element by the technical aspects of your personal injury case? Get a technical experts on your team! Here’s how technical experts can help in common personal injury cases, such as slip and fall, car accident, and product liability. Continue reading

Getting Your Expert Ready to Testify

88366752Don’t skimp on preparing your expert to testify! Start early and work together intensively. Continue reading

Checklist for When You’re Late for the Important Expert Witness Disclosure Date

You missed the date to exchange expert witness information. What do you do now? No, you shouldn’t just send it to opposing counsel and hope for the best. You’ll need to file a Motion to Submit Tardy Expert Witness Information. Continue reading

9 Tips for Cross-Examining Survey Experts

Every trial lawyer has confronted or will confront an expert who relies on a survey or a party who seeks to get a survey into evidence. When a survey comes into play, you need a survey expert to testify about the defects in your opponent’s survey or to conduct a survey that will help prove your case. Continue reading