Checklist: Gathering Asset Information After a Trust Settlor Dies

After the death of the settlor of a single-person revocable trust, one of the trustee’s first tasks is to gather the information required to properly administer the trust and inventory the trust’s assets. This checklist makes it much easier to get everything needed. Continue reading

$50 Fee for Lodging Wills May Be Double Trouble for Executors

2013-07-catastrophe-122552905Ever since the graduated probate fee was declared unconstitutional in Estate of Claeyssens (2008) 161 CA4th 465, the legislature has been nickel-and-diming estate planners and their clients with filing fees. Now we have to deal with multiple fees for lodging wills, which used to be free. Continue reading

One of the Most Important Decisions We Ever Make: Choosing an Executor

One of the most important estate planning decisions you can make, or help your clients make, is choosing an executor for your will. As succinctly put in an ABA article (.pdf): “The most important thing is that you pick someone who is financially responsible, stable, and trustworthy.” Continue reading