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New Year, New Laws for Employment Lawyers

thinkstockphotos-498422290Were you able to keep track of the new legislative changes that will affect California employers and employment lawyers? Don’t worry, we did and here’s an overview of some of the key statutory changes you need to know about. Continue reading

Lessons on Social Media in the Workplace

485226707The following is a guest blog post by Tyler M. Paetkau, a partner with Hartnett, Smith & Paetkau in Redwood City. Tyler represents employers in all aspects of labor and employment law. He’s a frequent author and speaker on labor and employment law issues, and the former Chair of the Executive Committee of the Labor and Employment Law Section of the State Bar of California.

The workplace has certainly been affected by the explosion of social media. Courts and administrative agencies are grappling with complex issues involving employee personal privacy, harassment, defamation, trade secret misappropriation, and union-organizing efforts in the age of social media. Although the rules are far from clear, there is some guidance for employers out there. Continue reading

Mediation May Be the Right Tool for Wage and Hour Suits

20130709-221302.jpgThe number of wage and hour suits is up again this year, and the recent increases appear here to stay. If your client’s efforts at compliance didn’t work and your client is facing a wage and hour suit, the best move may be to offer mediation.

Continue reading


lunch_158232599California employers have to provide meal periods, but they don’t have to make sure that employees actually take them. What does this really mean? Continue reading

Lucky 13: Best Practices for Immigration Issues in Hiring

Compliance with immigration laws is getting increasing media and enforcement attention, putting more pressure on employers. And don’t forget the Supreme Court’s recent decision upholding “Arizona’s ‘business death penalty’ for employers who repeatedly hire undocumented workers.” As a result, employers need to be proactive and make affirmative strategic decisions on immigration issues in hiring.  Continue reading

5 Critical Steps to Take Before Bringing an Employment Case

Employment litigation can be highly charged; both sides may be emotional about the case as well as being concerned with the costs of litigation and the time it will take. Given that reality, don’t pull the trigger on bringing an employment case until you’ve followed these five steps. Continue reading

Profile in Practice: Jeffrey D. Wohl

As part of CEB’s commitment to bringing together California’s legal community, our blog will post a short interview with one of your fellow attorneys.

This week, we profile Jeffrey Wohl:

CEB: What are your practice areas and how/why did you choose or start in your practice area?

Jeff: I’ve practiced management-side employment law my entire career, with occasional forays into commercial and civil rights litigation and transactional work. I also served as the General Counsel of my prior law firm, which made me something of a generalist. (Having lawyers as clients certainly kept me on my toes.) Employment law provides everything that a great law practice should have: interesting cases and characters; law that is always developing; and the opportunity to work with clients from a wide range of industries and endeavors. I can’t think of a field with a broader impact on people than employment law. And, as a junior lawyer coming up the ranks, employment law (which, in those days, meant single-plaintiff wrongful termination and discrimination cases) gave me the opportunity–in spades–to run my own cases. As a result, I grew up professionally very quickly. Continue reading

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