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Gear Your Oral Presentations to All Types of Learners

ThinkstockPhotos-465171079There are few oral presentations given today that don’t make use of visual aids. It helps with the inevitable attention wandering and it allows you to reach different types of learners. Always try to make your presentations—including opening statements and closing arguments—memorable for all of your listeners.

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Demonstrative Evidence: When You Want to Show and Tell

82770181An episode of This American Life described the failed effort to get a Tic-tac-toe-playing chicken into evidence in the death penalty case of a mentally ill man with a very low IQ. Defense counsel was trying to rebut a psychiatrist’s testimony that the defendant was aware he was going to be executed based on his beating her in a game of Tic-tac-toe. We’ll never know who would have won the game; the court refused to admit the chicken because it “would degrade the dignity of the court.” Although the chicken didn’t work out, demonstrative evidence can be a very powerful courtroom tool.

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The When and How of Marking Exhibits

evidence_87349294The first step when you want to offer something into evidence at trial is to have it marked for purposes of identification. Do you know when and how to mark exhibits?

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Movie Time for the Jury

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a motion picture is potentially worth much more. When used sparingly, getting a movie before the jury at trial can add a sense of reality, clarity, and drama to the evidence.

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Logging Your Exhibits Without Getting Logjammed

Not only is an exhibit log an invaluable trial organizational tool for you, but you’ll score points with the court clerk if you provide him or her with one. Here’s how to create an impressive exhibit log.