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Time Will Soon Run Out for Petitions under Prop 47

ThinkstockPhotos-73979720Those individuals who are currently in custody or who are on probation or who have completed a sentence for one of the decriminalized felonies under Proposition 47 need to act soon. The clock is ticking on the filing deadline for petitions to reduce a felony charge and/or sentence to a misdemeanor, which in most cases is November 4, 2017, three years after the effective date of the The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act. See Pen C §1170.18(j).

Criminal Law Legal Topics

Realignment is Coming on October 1, 2011

In an apparent response to the United States Supreme Court order to reduce California’s prison population and the State’s burgeoning budget crisis, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law A.B. 109 (Cal Stats 2011, ch 15, April 4, 2011), effectively transferring responsibility for nonserious, nonviolent and non-Pen C §290 registerable sex offenders from the state to the counties. Together with the amendments effected by other bills, A.B. 109 is referred to as “realignment.”