8 Tips to Maximize Interpreter Effectiveness

Once you find a qualified interpreter, apply these eight tips to maximize the interpreter’s usefulness in court or at trial. Continue reading

5 Things to Do to Prepare for Voir Dire

78724287When next faced with preparing for jury voir dire examination before trial, consider these five practical suggestions. Continue reading

Ever Heard of Implied Hearsay?

101771660Most of us think about hearsay in connection with facts that are expressly stated. But an out-of-court statement that’s offered to prove the truth of the facts implied by the statement is also hearsay and inadmissible unless an exception applies. You may not have heard the term implied hearsay, but you’ve likely encountered it. Continue reading

Judicial Notice 101

judge_blog_8476372Some propositions of law or fact just can’t reasonably be disputed. That’s where judicial notice comes in, and here’s how it works in California. Continue reading

Do’s and Don’ts on Direct

witness_57277895Direct examination can look deceptively easy when all of the effort has gone into the preparation. Here are some ways to make your carefully-planned direct even better. Continue reading