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How to Get Your Client Paid for Work on Construction Projects

You’ve got a client who didn’t get paid for work done on a construction project. You could file a breach of contract action, but there may be other ways to get your client paid, especially if the contracting party who didn’t pay your client is insolvent.

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Surety Bonds in Construction: Legally Required and Little Understood

Updated 10/10/17: Contractors must buy a $15,000 bond under Bus & P C §7071.6 before being issued a license to work in CA.

The following is a guest post by Kristen Bradley from, a company that issues bonds to professionals and aims to help professionals understand the legal aspects of surety bonds and the bonding process.

Although surety bonds are used widely in California’s construction industry, contractors and those who represent them often have a limited awareness of how exactly they work. Government agencies have set surety bond laws for the construction industry to protect consumers. Some construction bond types also ensure payment for subcontractors or other employees who could be left waiting for payment after working on a project.