Timeline to Trial

Wedding planners always suggest creating a timeline of tasks to accomplish as the big day approaches. Breaking down tasks and assigning them a priority in the buildup to the wedding is both efficient and stress-reducing. Getting to trial can be as hard as getting to the altar, with just as many moving parts to juggle. Here’s a handy timeline of pre-trial tasks that will get you to opening argument with your sanity. Continue reading

20 Questions for Your Final Case Management Conference

The eve of trial has finally arrived. Just one last proceeding before the big event: A final case management conference. Many courts require a final conference as a way of compelling the parties to complete many tasks that would otherwise take up time at trial. Even though you are in the midst of trial preparation, don’t overlook the importance of preparing for this last pre-trial hurrah. Continue reading

What to Expect at an Arraignment

We hear about arraignments in the context of celebrity arrests all the time. Maybe we have some vague idea of what it is from law school criminal procedure class. But as many attorneys venture outside their usual practice areas in search of work, it’s a good time to bone up on arraignments. Continue reading