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Score Another One for Energy Companies in Climate Change Lawsuits

The following is a guest blog post by Myanna Dellinger, a law professor at Western State College of Law.

The Ninth Circuit has repeated what the Supreme Court has already said about plaintiffs suing polluters for climate change: look to the Clean Air Act and the EPA for possible relief, not the federal courts.  Courts simply won’t hear claims that the polluters have created a common law nuisance when federal law covers the area.  Continue reading

Greenhouse Gases May Be Destroying Our Planet, But They Are Not a Public Nuisance

The following is a guest blog post by Myanna Dellinger, a law professor at Western State University College of Law.

Heat waves.  Droughts.  Wildfires. Wildly varying snow packs and weather patterns. These are all too familiar, especially in California, but are they the effects of global climate change? And if so, are they a “public nuisance” under federal common law? Continue reading

Insurance Goes Green

With new technologies comes new businesses and new products—and new insurance issues. As with so much else, the new color in property insurance is green. Continue reading

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