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Mmmm…Donuts! But Can You Bring Them to the Courtroom Staff or Jury?

84521465Seasoned litigators know how important it can be to have a good relationship with courtroom staff. Bringing holiday treats or morning coffee can certainly bolster that relationship, but is it ok to do?

Trying to ingratiate yourself with the courtroom staff by bringing them donuts or coffee may get you into trouble with the judge. You don’t want to be seen as giving inappropriate gifts to court personnel. Stick with simply being nice to the courtroom staff, and leave the goodies at your office.

By contrast, treating the jury to lunch or coffee and donuts in the morning may be just fine, as long as it’s neutrally provided (i.e., by both sides in the case) and with court approval.

In this short video clip, Hon. James L. Warren (Ret.) goes over appropriate gift-giving when it comes to the courtroom staff and the jury.

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But if you are a State attorney, your employer will not reimburse you for your portion of the morning coffee and donuts for the jury.

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