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Find a Mentor!

New to practicing law? Attorney Micha Star Liberty says it is hugely important that you find at least one mentor. Here’s why…

A mentor is an experienced attorney you can talk to and who will help you. A mentor doesn’t have to be someone who practices in your specific area of the law. In fact, you may want to have a mentors for different purposes, e.g., a mentor for trial skills, a mentor for valuing cases, a mentor for work/life balance issues.

Here’s how Micha explains it:

The key is to take what works for you from your mentor(s) as you work toward developing as an attorney. And pay attention to the “anti-mentor.” Even negative examples will help you grow—if nothing else, you’ll definitely know what you don’t want to be like!

This is just one of the many practical insights for new attorneys from Micha in a FREE video of her plenary speech, Welcome to the Law, from CEB’s Basics Conference.

For specific tips on finding a mentor, turn to CEB’s California Basic Practice Handbook, chapter 1.

Also check out CEB’s offers for New Lawyers—including a year of free access to all of our OnLAW practice guides and program discounts!

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