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Got a Land Use Dispute? Start with the Deeds

122552871A vast majority of disputes between neighbors involve land usage—as in, “your [fence, shed, driveway, etc.] is on my property!” The logical first step in assessing these types of claims is to figure out who owns what land. Continue reading

Getting Your Expert Ready to Testify

88366752Don’t skimp on preparing your expert to testify! Start early and work together intensively. Continue reading

Tell It to the (Tax Court) Judge: If You Prefer District Court, Pay the Tax First and Then Ask for a Refund


Michael Jackson is back in the news. The IRS added some $700 million to the reported value of Jackson’s estate, based on posthumous publicity rights valued by the estate at $1200. The news brought to light an interesting issue: To get a regular trial with a district judge on a tax deficiency, you have to pay the tax first. Continue reading

5 Ways to Defeat Deposition Abuse

Have you been on the receiving end of opposing counsel’s abuse during a deposition? Non-stop meritless objections, constant witness coaching, or just rude and unprofessional behavior can catch you off guard and leave you feeling unprepared.

This short video discusses the most common abuses attorneys experience during depositions, and then gives 5 ways to effectively deal with them.

These tips and many others for taking and defending depositions are found in CEB’s California Civil Discovery Practice.  Also check out CEB’s Handling Depositions for a step-by-step guide through the deposition process.

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Disability Accommodation: The Big Picture

162815624For employers, the disability accommodation process can be complicated and time-consuming. It’s important that company representatives have a clear view of the common “big picture” issues that come up during the process. Continue reading

Avoiding the Dreaded Defense Motion for Nonsuit

93045807One of the most embarrassing and damaging things that can happen to plaintiff’s counsel during trial is a defendant’s successful motion for nonsuit after the plaintiff’s opening statement. Even though the plaintiff normally gets another chance, the experience is shattering. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

Continue reading

Emotional Distress Recovery: Tactics for Both Sides

169277749Increasingly, plaintiffs are trying to recover damages for emotional distress unrelated to any bodily injury. And attorneys may be a new target for these claims: The Iowa Supreme Court recently approved potential emotional distress damages in a legal malpractice case. More than ever attorneys need the basics on making these claims in California and tactics for opposing them.

Continue reading

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