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Pros and Cons of Paycards

163741759Much of our economy today uses electronic technology, so it seemed inevitable that employers would look into electronic pay. Continue reading

Go Formal When Drafting Your Judgment

136727429When you win a judgment in your client’s favor, it’s not the time to go casual; instead, draft your judgment with the formalities that will make it valid and enforceable. Continue reading

Remedies for a Lurking Landlord

96162069Some landlords just can’t let go; they pop into their rented premises unexpectedly under a misguided belief that it’s somehow their right as owner. Not so. A landlord’s right to enter premises occupied by the tenant is strictly circumscribed under California law. But unfortunately for tenants, redress for illegal landlord entry is hard to come by. Continue reading

Checklist for Responding to a Noticed Motion


Law and motion practice is the nuts and bolts of litigation and fertile ground for training new attorneys. To make sure you don’t miss anything the next time you’re hit with a notice of motion, here’s a handy checklist to use. Continue reading

Interviewing a Prospective Client: Know What to Ask

140155267A prospective client is coming to you for an initial interview. Your mission is to get some basic information, so that you can figure out what legal issues are involved. Continue reading

Questioning at Trial Versus at Depositions

174304712Although very similar, there are differences between questioning a witness at trial versus at deposition. Do you know the differences and why they matter? Continue reading

Lineup Your Defense

93951195Your client is arrested and will appear in a lineup. Would you know what to bring and what to do at the lineup? Continue reading

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