When the Judge Won’t Budge

164569828You’ve tried to disqualify the judge in your case, but the judge won’t budge. What do you do? In California, you file a writ petition. Continue reading

Admonishing a Deponent: 10 Points You Need to Make

10steps_121366302Before you start taking a deposition, you need to “admonish” the deponent. It’s just a way of laying down the ground rules and making sure the deponent is fully informed. Here are 10 admonishments you should make before kicking off the questions. Continue reading

Logging Your Privilege Claims

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Surveying Survey Evidence

170588495Survey evidence can be very useful in some cases, but questions are growing about its reliability. By knowing the issues involved with surveys, you’ll be better able to successfully use or oppose survey evidence. Continue reading

Blog, But Blog Ethically

The following is a guest blog post by April E. Frisby of Frisby Law. April is a corporate and securities transactional lawyer and an adjunct law professor at Whittier Law School.

104229040Lawyers are often gun-shy when it comes to blogging, in part because of the ethical limits on advertising and solicitation by lawyers. But if you keep ethical considerations in mind, blogging can be a fun, cost-effective way to promote your practice. Continue reading

What Are My Prospects on Appeal?

78321411We all wish we had a crystal ball to tell us how things will turn out on appeal, but the best we can do is look at the trial court’s rulings and evaluate whether there are grounds for appeal and how solid those grounds may be. Continue reading

The Engagement Is Off! Who Keeps the Ring?

163836521The recent Supreme Court decision that permitted same-sex marriages to resume in California may mean more engagement rings will be given here than ever. It’s a good time to brush up on the law—do you know who gets to keep the ring if the engagement is broken?
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So Stipulated at Deposition

200402162-001You sit down for a deposition and often the first thing you need to do is enter into appropriate stipulations. Newer attorneys may feel pressured into agreeing to the “usual” stipulations—don’t do it! Only agree to “the usual” if you know what it means and it’s beneficial to your case. Continue reading

Medical Privacy: the Final Final Rule

56362913In March, at long last, the US Department of Health and Human Services released a final Omnibus Rule on privacy and security of personal health information. Some have labeled the Rule a “sweeping reform,” but, in fact, it largely just replaces and finalizes prior “interim” final rules and proposed rules. But there are some important changes you should know about. Continue reading

Need to Improve Employee Performance? Have a Plan.

blog76806702bProviding frank feedback to employees can be difficult for even the most experienced human resources personnel. The process is more difficult if an employee is having performance problems that require correction. Don’t ignore the problems; set up a plan.

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