It’s Not Over Until the Withdrawal Is Filed

20130709-220621.jpgYeah! You won your case, negotiated a great settlement, or drafted a complete estate plan for your client! Think you’re all done? Not yet, there are still a couple of things you should do.

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Telling the Jury a Compelling Story


The general rule in organizing statements presented to the jury is the same used by teachers with children: Tell them what you’re going to tell them; tell them; and then tell them what you’ve told them.

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Before Starting Up a Start-Up

blog-87344376Internet start-ups are exciting ventures that can achieve remarkable growth on a shoestring. But smart entrepreneurs realize the value of hiring attorneys to form a legal entity for their start-ups, whether the entity is a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company. If a start-up comes to you for help, would you know the key pre-formation questions to ask?

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Navigating a Potentially Polluted Jury Pool

2013-07-Polluted-Jury-78724273Issues around pretrial publicity polluting the jury pool were at the forefront in the recent case against Floridian George Zimmerman for the killing of an unarmed teenager. Attorneys handling high-profile cases are presented with a dilemma during voir dire: should they ask about pretrial publicity or not? Continue reading

Catastrophe or Choice: Actor’s Estate Plan Comes Under Scrutiny

2013-07-catastrophe-122552905The estate plan of deceased actor James Gandolfini has been labeled a “disaster,” a “catastrophe,” and “a nightmare from a tax standpoint.” But was it, in fact, a costly mistake, or was it simply a considered choice?  Continue reading

When the Jury Goes Rogue

20130709-221638.jpgWhat do you do when the jury goes out of bounds, even with the best of intentions, and finds against your client? You move for a new trial and get juror declarations to support your motion.

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Mediation May Be the Right Tool for Wage and Hour Suits

20130709-221302.jpgThe number of wage and hour suits is up again this year, and the recent increases appear here to stay. If your client’s efforts at compliance didn’t work and your client is facing a wage and hour suit, the best move may be to offer mediation.

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Do’s and Don’ts on Direct

witness_57277895Direct examination can look deceptively easy when all of the effort has gone into the preparation. Here are some ways to make your carefully-planned direct even better. Continue reading

Going to the Chapel or Staying Alive: Marital Deduction for Registered Domestic Partners after Windsor

blog_78156121It may not be too soon to draw some inferences from the Supreme Court’s decision in U.S. v Windsor extending federal law benefits of marriage to lawfully married same-sex spouses.  Continue reading

What Does It Mean to “Meet and Confer” on a Discovery Dispute?

meeting_E013754Before moving to compel discovery responses, California law requires that the parties “meet and confer.” But what do you actually have to do to meet that requirement? Continue reading