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Codicil vs. New Will

will_122397917A will may not be the final word on what your client wants to happen on death. Things change, and it may be necessary to add or delete something (or someone) from a will. But when you want to make a change, should you do it with a codicil, or do you need a whole new will? Continue reading

How to Deal with an Evasive Witness

witness_78724356Every trial has at least one evasive witness. Either control an evasive witness, or you’ll find that success in the case will evade you as well. Continue reading

Spiteful Neighbors

fence_78316352We all love a home with a view, and many are willing to pay dearly for it. But what happens when a neighbor spitefully builds a fence to block your view? Continue reading

Going Ex Parte in 8 Steps

exparte_stk15700wbfWhen time is of the essence, you may need to apply to the court for an ex parte order instead of following the noticed motion procedure. These steps will get you on your way—and fast! Continue reading

Be Ready to Pounce on Objections in a Deposition

deposition_83017290Just as you should know what objections to make in a deposition, you need to anticipate opposing counsel’s objections and know how to respond to them. Continue reading

Attorney-Client E-Communications

email_133940537E-mail is a wonderfully fast and efficient way for attorneys and their clients to communicate and transmit information. But with this new technology comes new risks and the necessity to educate your clients on e-mail security. Continue reading

Prepping Your Client for Cross-Examination

witness_158992082Most cases are won by witnesses and evidence, not by attorneys. Preparing your client to tell his or her own story effectively is an important aspect of trial and can make your case. Continue reading

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