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Have You Done a Trade Secret Audit?

secret_105634725The best way to analyze a company’s trade secrets (and how well protected they are) is through a formal audit. Here’s an overview of how to do a trade secret audit. Continue reading

Exiting Gracefully: The Termination Letter

exit_164611473Exits from a job can be graceful, as in Groupon CEO’s Departure Memo, or contentious. From the employer perspective, getting the termination letter right will go a long way toward protecting rights and ratcheting down emotions. Continue reading

Are Miranda Exceptions Now on Your Radar?


When the Justice Department invoked the public safety exception to the Miranda rights of the suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, were you surprised? Did you know about this and other exceptions to the Miranda rule?  Continue reading

When Financial Discovery Gets Complicated

hats_153049007Many family law attorneys are used to doing it all and wearing many different hats. But financial discovery can get complicated enough to warrant bringing in a specialist. Continue reading

Trial Style

jury_137375773The content of an opening statement and closing argument is largely determined by the law and evidence. But don’t underestimate how much your presentation style is integral to the persuasion process. Continue reading

What’s in a (Business) Name?

trademark_144318179As with any newborn, one of the first decisions an entrepreneur makes is the business name. But attorneys also have an important role in the naming process. Continue reading

Do You Know When to Use Jury Questionnaires?

question_154168251Jury questionnaires offer the benefits of efficiency and privacy, but when should you use them? Continue reading

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