When the Party’s Over: What to Do with Client Files?

Most attorneys are aware that there are rules about retaining and disposing of client files, but not enough of them have a clear policy that follows these rules and communicate the policy to their clients. It’s when the representation is over that the policy kicks in. Continue reading

The Green Rush: Can City Regulations Keep Up?

MedicalMarijuanaMedallionThe Los Angeles Times calls it “The Green Rush,” referring to the newly-lucrative cultivation of premium marijuana to serve the “discriminating consumers who frequent medical cannabis dispensaries.”  California laws permitting medical marijuana have spawned an industry that has moved from remote, clandestine locations to our city centers. But what’s become a boom for growers and sellers is causing a headache for many city regulators. Continue reading

Injecting Reality into Your Client’s Franchise Dreams

Franchising has had long-term success in the U.S. economy, both for franchisors and franchisees. Franchise businesses aren’t just fast food, either. According to a USA Today article, home health care is one of the top franchises in the US. Although most franchise systems—and most franchisees—are reasonably successful, buying a franchise isn’t always the right decision. As an attorney, your job is to insert some practical reality into your client’s franchise dreams. Continue reading

Estate Planning in the Age of Obama: Where Is Tax Law Headed?

The unexpectedly decisive re-election of President Obama, and the apparent stability of his electoral coalition, confronts estate planners with a new political reality. Here are my thoughts on where tax law is likely to go. Continue reading

So Happy Together: 15 Things to Discuss with Joint Venturers

When clients come to you to set up a joint venture, they’re often excited and focused on the big picture. You need to be the details person, and maybe a bit of a wet blanket. Continue reading

A View from the Family Law Bench, Part 2

In the first part of this blog post, we presented 5 tips from retired family law judge and CEB author Hon. Frederick A. Mandabach to help practitioners best approach family law hearings and trials. Here are 5 more inside tips from the judge. Continue reading

Tailoring Advice for Tenant Organizations

Tenant organizations take many forms and reflect diverse goals. An attorney’s role varies with the nature and objectives of the tenant organization. Before you advise a tenant organization, you need to understand its particular needs and how to meet them.  Continue reading

A View from the Family Law Bench, Part 1

In California family law cases, it’s a judge—not a jury—that will decide your case. To help you hone your approach to handling family law hearings and trials,  here are the first 5 of 10 inside tips from retired family law judge and CEB author Hon. Frederick A. Mandabach. Continue reading

Gagging Employees

Miss Manners may wisely advise us to follow the old adage not to talk about politics or religion, but can California employers prohibit their employees from discussing these and other lightening rod subjects? Continue reading

Score Another One for Energy Companies in Climate Change Lawsuits

The following is a guest blog post by Myanna Dellinger, a law professor at Western State College of Law.

The Ninth Circuit has repeated what the Supreme Court has already said about plaintiffs suing polluters for climate change: look to the Clean Air Act and the EPA for possible relief, not the federal courts.  Courts simply won’t hear claims that the polluters have created a common law nuisance when federal law covers the area.  Continue reading