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Choosing an Expert Witness: Insider or Outsider?

When choosing an expert witness in a case, you may have a choice between an insider, i.e., an employee-expert, versus an outside expert. Deciding which one to use requires an understanding of the pros and cons of the employee-expert. Continue reading

A New Take on the Quicky Divorce

A “Divorce Hotel” may be coming soon to a luxury hotel near you! As the New York Times explains, “Check in on Friday, married. Then, with the help of mediators and independent lawyers, check out on Sunday, divorce papers in hand, all for a flat fee.” Not surprisingly, this concept may have the makings of a reality show too. Continue reading

Get Attached! Using a Writ of Attachment in Construction Cases

A construction project is like a marriage. As with any marriage, there are inevitably some bumps along the way. If the bumps are too big, one or both sides call their lawyers and file for divorce. Construction law practitioners who find their client in the midst of a construction divorce need to move fast to secure their client’s claim. That’s where a writ of attachment may come into the picture. Continue reading

Demystifying Medical Coverage in Auto Policies

Do you understand medical expense coverage on an automobile insurance policy? It can be very confusing, particularly as to what it covers and how other coverage may impact it. Here are the basics on medical coverage in auto policies, which will hopefully clarify its purpose and help you get the most for your clients with this type of coverage.
Continue reading

Charting the Jury

Do you have trouble remembering names at a cocktail party? Imagine trying to remember names and facts about potential jurors under the pressure of voir dire examination! There is a handy tool to help with this — a jury box chart. Continue reading

Communication Is Key: 4 Steps to Better Client Communication

Most attorneys are aware of the frequent client complaint about lack of communication from attorneys. Some say it’s the top client complaint about attorneys. So how do you make sure that those complaints are never about you? Here are 4 steps to help you keep those lines of communication open. Continue reading

Taking a Chance with a Risky Question in Court

One of the fundamental rules of thumb for cross-examining a witness at trial is not to ask a question to which you don’t know the answer. But there are situations in which you can’t take such a low-risk approach to the case. You may have to throw this rule out the window and take your chances to resuscitate a weak or even middling case. Continue reading

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