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Protecting Your Great Idea

You’ve got a great idea for a new product or screenplay and you want to send it right off to a company or movie studio, but how do you make sure that you will benefit if they love the idea as much as you do? Here are some proactive protective measures you can take to make sure you profit from your great ideas. Continue reading

The Dangers of the Unsolicited Submission

You receive an unsolicited submission of a new product or a screenplay and would love to use it but you’re worried about exposing your company to liability. Here are some proactive protective measures you can take to protect your company in the dangerous world of unsolicited submissions. Continue reading

Privacy for Your Guilty Viewing Pleasures

This post goes under the category of “good to know.” It’s probably not something most of us are concerned about, but it’s still comforting to know that the law protects the privacy of our video preferences. Continue reading

Discovery by the Numbers

When planning your discovery, you need to know all the key numbers, i.e., the numerical limitations on the various discovery methods. Here’s a handy overview so you will know how much is too much under California’s discovery statutes.

Continue reading

What Happens in Mediation, Stays in Mediation: 13 Key Confidentiality Questions

One of the strengths of mediation is its cloak of confidentiality. Participants can feel free to say what they want and show documents prepared for mediation without the fear of it biting them later in the litigation. But not everything said and shown in mediation is protected. As with everything else, know the limits of mediation confidentiality. Continue reading


The seemingly anonymous world of the Internet leads many of us to say things there that we would never say in person. But watch out, libel laws follow you into cyberspace. Continue reading

Preventing Workplace Violence: 12 Practical Steps for Employers to Take

Each year almost 2 million American workers report to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that they were victims of workplace violence — and many more cases go unreported. Although much of this violence is out of their control, employers can take actions that will cut down on this terrible statistic. Continue reading

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