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Profile in Practice: James C. Martin

As part of CEB’s commitment to bringing together California’s legal community, our blog will post a short interview with one of your fellow attorneys.

This week, we profile Jim Martin:

CEB: What is your practice area and how did you choose it?

Jim: My principal practice area involves all aspects of civil appeals and writs in both state and federal courts. I also regularly participate in the strategy, briefing, and argument on the procedural and substantive issues that arise in complex litigation, including class actions. I embraced the appellate specialty because it emphasized research, writing, analysis, and argument and because it gave me the opportunity to work with some very bright and creative lawyers in my firm, each of whom taught me a lot.

CEB: What CEB book or program have you found most helpful in your practice and why?

Jim: I use the Civil Appeals and Writs guides in my appellate practice and the Expert Witness Guide in my complex litigation practice.

CEB: Why do you choose to speak/write for CEB?

Jim: Raoul Kennedy drafted me to help with the first edition of his expert witness book. I met the people at CEB during that effort and was really impressed with the mission to help practicing lawyers.

CEB: What do you like best and least about practicing law?

Jim: The opportunity to work with really bright and dedicated people is the best thing about my practice. Trying to stay at the top of that practice area takes a lot of time.

CEB: What is the best legal tip you ever received?

Jim: It came from Peter Davis, to paraphrase, “Never make assumptions; they always get you into trouble.”

CEB: How do you think the practice of law will change in the next 15 years?

Jim: I think there will be a much wider acceptance of multi-jurisdictional practice and rules will change to facilitate that. In my practice area, changes will continue to be made to accommodate electronic filing, computerized records, and hyper-linked briefs. We will also continue to be overwhelmed by the volume of published material relating to all things legal. Keeping current will be next to impossible.

CEB: What is the most interesting book you have read recently?

Jim: A biography on Grant by Jean Smith. Fascinating period of our history. Very interesting individual. Right person, in the right place, at the right time. Lucky for all of us.

CEB: What is your contact information?

Jim: Reed Smith LLP, 355 South Grand Ave., Ste. 2900, Los Angeles, CA 90071

CEB: Thank you, Jim!

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