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Happy Days Are Here Again for Mergers and Acquisitions Work

It looks like we may be seeing the early signs of a Mergers & Acquisitions boom. As the American Lawyer says, “good times may be here again for M&A lawyers.”   This optimistic view is supported by articles in the Financial Times, heralding the “coming M&A cycle”  because “the fall in the cost of capital (equity and debt) is enough to support $2 trillion of global deals this year.”  In another article, the Financial Times reports that “healthcare reform portends M&A increase among insurers.” Similarly, Reuters reports that M&A activity should rise by about 25 percent this year “on the back of robust deal-making in Asia and North America.”

What does all this mean? Should litigators drop what they are doing and jump onto the transactional bandwagon?

For those planning to take advantage of the M&A boom, don’t forget to bring CEB’s Sales and Mergers of California Businesses with you!

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