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7 Wage and Hour Issues to Be Decided

Think you’re current with wage and hour law? Did you know that the California Supreme Court currently has 7 wage and hour cases on its docket? These cases involve some very interesting and important issues, including

  • An employer’s duty to provide meal and rest breaks to hourly workers (Brinker Restaurant v Superior Court (review granted Oct. 22, 2008; superseded opinion at 165 CA4th 25, 80 CR3d 781));
  • Whether Lab C §351, a statute precluding employers from obtaining access to employees’ tips and gratuities, creates a private right of action for employees (Lu v Hawaiian Gardens Casino, Inc. (review granted Apr. 29, 2009; superseded opinion at 170 CA4th 466, 88 CR3d 345)); and
  • Whether California’s prevailing wage law applies to a charter city when it contracts to construct public works projects with municipal funds (State Bldg. & Constr. Trades Council v City of Vista (review granted Aug. 19, 2009; superseded opinion at 173 CA4th 567, 93 CR3d 95)).

There are also plenty of developments under Federal law, including an administrative decision finding that mortgage loan officers typically should not be treated as exempt employees.

To keep up with this rapidly developing area of the law, check out CEB’s new California Wage and Hour Law and Litigation book.  

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