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Appearing in Virtual Court

With advances in technology, the idea of a digital courtroom in which the attorneys and judge appear from different locations seems more and more possible. concluded that the trend toward “digital lawyering” made it more possible that some day “digital court” will be a reality. Because the federal courts already use a paperless, digital, electronic case filing system, which has numerous practical and cost advantages, Lawyerist notes that state courts are believed to be moving in the same direction.  Bruce Carton from Legal Blog Watch opines that

[V]ideo conference hearings are a no-brainer and should be fairly common within five years. Actual video trials, however, would be a logistical mess in my opinion and are not coming any time soon.

An internet search for the term “digital trials” reveals that there are already resources available for presenting evidence digitally, such as this digital courtroom in Washington state.

What do you think, are virtual trials coming soon to a digital courtroom near you?

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2 replies on “Appearing in Virtual Court”

A variation of this is already a reality in practice before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. After the trial briefs are in , it is possible for a party in California to argue by teleconferencing before a three judge panel located in Alexandria, VA .

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