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Cyberscammers Attack Attorneys

Apparently attorneys are just as susceptible to cyberscams as everyone else. A recent San Francisco Chronicle article on how “[l]aw firms are lucrative targets of cyberscams”  tells of a Long Beach attorney who nearly lost $190,000 in a bad-check scam involving an alleged Hong Kong creditor seeking help recovering on debts. This threat is serious and prevalent enough to prompt the FBI to issue an alert, warning law firms about scammers claiming to need help collecting delinquent payments or divorce settlement money.

The State Bar has issued its own warning to attorneys in which former State Bar President Holly Fujie counseled attorneys to

“Know who you’re doing business with. If you deposit a check for $500,000, you had better have a clear idea where that money is coming from. Attorneys should be the last people to fall for these scams.  Be careful.”

It is clear that this threat is growing. Have you experienced any attempted or successful cyberscams and what advice or warnings can you give to your fellow attorneys?
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