Mmmm…Donuts! But Can You Bring Them to the Courtroom Staff or Jury?

84521465Seasoned litigators know how important it can be to have a good relationship with courtroom staff. Bringing holiday treats or morning coffee can certainly bolster that relationship, but is it ok to do?

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Don’t Irritate the Jury


85449976 Your carefully planned cross-examination will be worthless if you manage to irritate the jury. Keep in mind that the jury often focuses more on counsel than the witness. Before your next cross-examination, check out these common irritants and how to avoid them. Continue reading

Don’t Let Your Argument Get Personal

arbitration_104240128Although the permissible scope of counsel’s discussion and argument before a jury is broad, personal attacks on opposing parties or their counsel is never ok. Doing so opens you up to successful objections, makes you look like a jerk to the jury, and may lead to you losing your case. Continue reading

Object with Care During Closing

57280160Attorneys have a lot of latitude in making their closing argument, but there are nonetheless impermissible arguments during closing and thus openings for opposing counsel to object. Even if you’re right, objecting during a closing may not be a smart move. Continue reading

Telling the Jury a Compelling Story


The general rule in organizing statements presented to the jury is the same used by teachers with children: Tell them what you’re going to tell them; tell them; and then tell them what you’ve told them.

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Do’s and Don’ts on Direct

witness_57277895Direct examination can look deceptively easy when all of the effort has gone into the preparation. Here are some ways to make your carefully-planned direct even better. Continue reading

A Picture Is Worth…a Winning Case?

crash_117459024Photographs are an important tool in personal injury cases. Photos can have a great impact on the jury—they may even help jurors understand the issues more clearly than any words you can speak. Continue reading

Get Your Jury Instructions Right

trial_78724437The trial is over, but don’t let down your guard yet: never underestimate the importance of the jury instructions. Continue reading

Trial Style

jury_137375773The content of an opening statement and closing argument is largely determined by the law and evidence. But don’t underestimate how much your presentation style is integral to the persuasion process. Continue reading

Do You Know When to Use Jury Questionnaires?

question_154168251Jury questionnaires offer the benefits of efficiency and privacy, but when should you use them? Continue reading

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