How Far Can a Company Go to Protect Its Online Reputation?

459900649The following is a guest blog post by Harmony Groves Kessler, a solo practitioner assisting individuals, small businesses, and attorneys with legal issues in business contracts/transactions public agency law and family law in northern California. She is the former Mayor of Arcata, California, where she served a four-year term on the City Council.

In today’s world, especially with sources like Yelp, it’s simple to find online reviews of most any company. We often rely on posted comments to get a sense of a business and feel justified to warn other customers when we’ve had a bad experience. Companies are increasing their efforts to monitor their online reputation and keep critical reviews from driving business away. But is punishing a customer for a bad review with a large fine going too far? Continue reading

Watch What You Post: 4 Ways to Protect Your Clients from Themselves

148372802The following is a guest blog post by Scott J. Corwin, founding attorney of the Los Angeles Motor Vehicle Accident Law Firm. For over 20 years, Mr. Corwin has represented more than 2,500 injured victims and has been named a Southern California SuperLawyer for eight years in a row.

These days it seems that everyone is using social media, connecting people in ways never thought possible even ten years ago. In personal injury cases, social media can cause serious damage—we’ve all heard horror stories of people receiving minor settlements after a compromising photo or post was seen on Facebook. As attorneys, we must inform our clients of these potential dangers and help them make informed decisions on the use of social media to protect the integrity of their cases. Continue reading

Mining for Gold in Medical Records: Five Tips for Defense Counsel

136502544The following is a guest blog post by Lynn Hollenbeck. Lynn is a litigation attorney with Bunting Drayton & Alward in San Francisco, with expertise in premises defense, insurance defense, asbestos defense, and construction defect.

For defense counsel, plaintiff’s medical records often contain unexpected sources of information beyond examination findings, diagnoses, and prognoses. You may not find the dispositive document that disproves causation, but the records can bolster other issues in the case. Continue reading

Emotional Distress Recovery: Tactics for Both Sides

169277749Increasingly, plaintiffs are trying to recover damages for emotional distress unrelated to any bodily injury. And attorneys may be a new target for these claims: The Iowa Supreme Court recently approved potential emotional distress damages in a legal malpractice case. More than ever attorneys need the basics on making these claims in California and tactics for opposing them.

Continue reading

A Picture Is Worth…a Winning Case?

crash_117459024Photographs are an important tool in personal injury cases. Photos can have a great impact on the jury—they may even help jurors understand the issues more clearly than any words you can speak. Continue reading

Suing a Doctor? Don’t Forget to Give Notice

doc_154186654There’s something you have to do before suing for medical malpractice in California: Give notice. Fail to provide the proper notice of intent to sue and you may face discipline. Continue reading

Pardon My Tardy Claim

late_76811323If you’re suing a public entity or public employee (acting within the scope of employment) for money or damages, you must first file a timely administrative claim. But what do you do if you’re late in filing your claim? Continue reading

When the Dog Bites

dog_98326904California’s dog-bite statute, CC §3342, imposes strict liability on dog owners with some interesting twists. Continue reading

Don’t Lose Out on Your Fees in a Neighbor Dispute Case

neighbor_126391374Disputes between neighbors over a fallen tree or a fence line can be extremely emotional. And when these disputes turn into litigation, this heated emotion can make it very expensive for your client. Here are 5 tips to make sure that at least your attorney fees get paid in the end. Continue reading

Analyzing Insurance Policies Step by Step

wind_dv118085If nothing else, recent natural disasters have shown us the importance of carefully reading insurance policies before we buy them. But many people won’t do that, so that leaves it to attorneys to figure out coverage after disaster strikes. Attorneys faced with this task need an organized approach to determining whether coverage exists. Continue reading

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